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SuperEye Gold Detector

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SKU E757

E757- 23”x11”x7” box dimensions 

S3800 is the first potable 18KHZ high frequency Gold metal
detector that can not only identify gold metal but also can
make a distinction between different types of metals. Target ID
uses 2-digits to convey the information whether the detected
gold is small or large one. Memory function helps to eliminate
the metal you are not interested in and narrow the detection.
Gold colored pole enhances the product texture with the
added locked nuts to tightly stabilize all the parts.
• Operation Frequency: About 18KHZ
• Motion modes: all metal; discrim; memory; custom; jewelry
• Pinpoint; 8-levels of signal strength
• LCD display: 70 X 36mm
• Type of target: 12-types
• Sensitivity: 6-levels
• Auto ground balance