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How long do I have to pick up my order that I paid for?

Customers are encouraged to pick up their order as soon as possible after receiving the "Ready for Pickup" notification. On average, customers pick up their orders within 1-5 days after it is ready. Orders must be picked up within 60-days of purchase, or the item(s) will be forfeited and a 25% restocking fee will be applied to the refund. 


How do auctions work?

To participate in Discount Bros, LLC. auctions, you must begin by creating an account. This allows you to view all of our running auctions and place your own bids.

Throughout the duration of each auction, you can view up-to-the-second bid amounts, time remaining, and new listings. To do this, simply navigate to the "Auctions" tab at the top of our website (or click here). 

What is proxy bidding?

Proxy bidding occurs when bidders input a maximum price that they are willing to pay for an auction item and then allow the system to bid for them according to the bid increment [Example: $5.00] if/until someone bids higher than their maximum. 

People generally place proxy bids so they don't have to actively stand by or refresh the page as the auction transpires. This way, they do not need to keep their eyes on the screen if someone else should bid on the same item. Proxy Bidding is also referred to as: "Maximum Bidding".

Proxy Bid is the Maximum Bid You Choose.
Proxy Bid is not a Normal Bid.

Proxy Bid is not the Current Bid.

How do I pay for a winning auction?

If you win an auction, an email will be sent to you with the winning merchandise information and payment details. Payments must be completed in the portal. A credit card must be used to complete the transaction within 24-hours of winning an auction.

Pro Tip: Look in your spam folder if you did not receive a link to make a payment for a winning bid.

Can I retract a bid?

No. Auctions are reserved for serious buyers only. Our customers understand that a bid is similar to a contract. When placing a bid, you consent to purchase the product if you become the winner.

I won an auction. When should I pay?

After you win an item, you are responsible for paying for the item within 24-hours. Open up your winning email notification and follow the included link to make your payment via the portal.

What happens if I won an item, but did not pay for it right away?

Winning bidders have 48-hours to pay for winning item(s) from the time the auction ends. Items that are not paid for within the 2-day timeframe will be restocked and relisted. Repeated non-payment of winning auctions will result in a temporary ban from participating in bidding. 

Do I have to pay taxes on auction merchandise?

Yes. Taxes are applied to all online and in-person purchases, including merchandise won on auction. As a merchant, we must charge taxes on sales.

Can I change my mind after I won?

No. Before placing a bid, ensure that you plan to follow-through with paying for the merchandise and picking it up.

Pro Tip: Read the auction description carefully and review all of the photos included in the listing.

What happens if I decide not to pay for an item that I won?

Failure to purchase winning merchandise results in the account being disabled. Customers who do not follow through with paying for a winning auction item will not be able to place future bids for a period of time. The account would become inactive for a timeframe [i.e.: between 1-month to indefinitely] solely based upon the individual's history of non-payment.

Who should I talk to when I pick up my winning product?

Anyone of the Discount Bros staff!

When picking up your winning auction item in the store, customers can ask any Discount Bros associate for assistance. Present the team member with your order confirmation, which includes the name on the order and order number.

Can you give me quick overview of how auctions work?

How it Works:

1. Place a Bid: Place your bid(s) through the end of the auction event.

2. Get Notified: If you win the auction, you'll be notified via email and sent a link to complete your order.

3. Complete Your Order: Follow the instructions in the email to complete your order within 1 business day.